Creativity and consistency, Two words that Revolves around this *OAP*
extraordinaire called *Spotlyt*. (@spotlyt1). He possesses the energy of a
thousand and the mindset of none. An intelligent and affable breed raised
on the foundation of hard-work, perseverance, and sincerity. Skilled in the
arts of singing, Songwriting, and dancing, this Lagos born talent is also a
certified ace when it comes to video direction and editing, with a good
number of music visuals under his belt. A “goldmine” is what I like to call

This is from of his “down to earth” nature and very high sense of humour.
He is an aficionado of good tunes and many share this same perception. This
is evident in the vibes churned out through the years, in a musical career
spanning over a decade. *“Coupe de calle”* is one of the many hits, which
Enjoyed prodigious airplays nationwide with its beautiful video blessing a
number of top notch TV stations across the continent. This young man
continuously defy the law of gravity with his continuous rise to stardom.
He teams up with the illegal one and rap sensation *Pepenazi* on this and
its titled *“ACTIVATE”*

(produced by *Pedro*).



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