Please Help Me Redeem My Name, The Story Circulating Online About Me Being Randy Are All Lies – Nigerian Man Cries Out

Olofofonaijamedia was contacted by a very good and diligent father to help him redeem his name from a false story posted by one Toluwani Olamitoke of Nigerian Hive 

Click Here To Read The False Story Posted Online.

However, The Husband told us everything said about him in the post are all lies, Below is what he has to say and a snapshot of his side the story.

I am Ayodele Akin-Adewolu, A young responsible and calm man that his wrong story was maliciously printed in the tribune newspaper and posted on online blogs. 

I make bold to say that all the claims in the said matter were lies lies and lies. I love my family and have always been a good father and husband to my wife of 10 years.

I never lay my hands on her for once in ten years of marriage neither did i impregnate any maid. 

When she filed for divorce i didn’t argue or struggle with her on the issue and I have never in anyway created any nuisance as the story claims. I have evidences from neighbours that we lived with for years and am a very busy and diligent man and i wonder what time i have in my hands to be demanding for sex.

We presently don’t live in the same town and its been like that for well over two years. 

She, my wife has also refuted the story and claims that she doesn’t know anything about the story. 

This is a serious case of character defamation an act of share wickedness, for anyone to say such a thing about me.

A hearing notice that wasn’t addressed to me but to a colleague at work was dropped in my office inviting me for hearing on a Monday morning when I don’t work in Ibadan.

l communicated with the court that i wouldn’t be able to leave my office on a Monday morning and the hearing was adjourned to a later day which fell on a national public holiday (Monday 12,December) the court didn’t sat on that day and the next thing is a call from my wife that the case had being judged and she has been granted all she wished still I didn’t fight her or anyone. 

l am still playing my role as the father of my kids, who I love so much still buys things for them and send money home to take care of them. Even till this very last Saturday that I sent 20k to her for the up keep of the kids.


Mr Akin contacted his wife on whatsapp and she however said knows anything about it, below is the snapshot of his chat with his wife.




Below is an evidence that Mr akin is indeed a good man and will never do anything or have done the lies Circulating all over the Internet about him.








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